Central Missouri Garden Tractor Pullers Association

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Stars & Stripes making its way down the track. Welcome to the CMGTPA home page!
On this site we will attempt to keep everyone up on schedules, events, meetings and any possible rain cancellations. So please check back often to keep up!

Want to hold a pull in your hometown?
We need more pulls! If you have a town function, fair, carnival, etc., and would like to have a garden tractor pull, please contact me and we will work out the details.

Aubrey Foxworthy

2007 Schedule

Thursday August 9th 7:30PM, California, MO @ the Fairgrounds

Saturday September 1st 12:00 PM, Highpoint, MO @ Highpoint School Ballfield


If you want to host a pull for your event, please go to the "Contract Page" and fill out the form.  If you would like to receive the contract in an Excel spreadsheet, please email mfox@iland.net for a copy.

Thanks for you interest!